We know the problems that all families face—and recognize the subtleties and differences.    We have seen what works; we know what doesn’t.

Wouldn’t you be reassured if…

  • Your family had an actionable plan for addressing its unique challenges and opportunities that arise from its wealth?
  • Family members had a firm grasp of the financial world and the skills needed to govern or manage family enterprises?
  • The next generation had sound values and attainable dreams for the future?
  • Your family was able to make joint decisions smoothly and intelligently—even in your absence?
  • Your family members could handle conflict effectively, thanks to mutual understanding, clear values and the skills needed to resolve differences?
  • Your children and grandchildren had the ability and incentive to replenish the wealth or enhance the community in which they live?
  • You had practices in place to address the challenges of governance and succession?
  • Your family shared a blueprint for sustainability for both the family and its enterprises?

Our principals and consultants have worked with more than 100 families with diverse experiences, from the wealth creator to the seventh-generation inheritor. Some of these families have a 150-year history; others have new wealth.

Client Characteristics

To be successful in this experience, a wealth owner needs to have:

  • A progressive view of the future – 10, 15 or even 100 years
  • Curiosity
  • A willingness to commit time to learning

Transformative learning depends on interaction with advisors, mentors, peers, experts and a community of friends and family.